Special Thanks

Royal Netherlands Embassy

Common Defense Quarterly



2.00 p.m. Welcoming Address

        • Ronald E. Genemans, Def. Cooperation Attache, Embassy of the Netherlands, and Chairman, Defense MoU Attache Group (DMAG)  (Confirmed)

2.10 p.m. State of Security Cooperation - Policy – Past, present, future

        • Richard Genaille, Deputy Director, DSCA (Confirmed)

3.10 p.m. Service Perspectives


        • Gerald R. Hust, Director, Policy Directorate (Confirmed)


        • Rino Pivirotto, Executive Director (Confirmed)

US Army Defense Export Cooperation

        • David Dornblaser, Director, Washington Field Office, US Army Security Assistance Command (Confirmed) 

4.00 p.m. Foreign Procurement Group – Top Ten Priorities

        • Dr. Jennifer Stewart, Chairman, Foreign Procurement Group (Confirmed)
        • Lt.Cdr. Paula McKenzie, Defense Logistics Officer, Embassy of New Zealand (Confirmed)
        • Niels Ulrik Plesner Olsen, FMS, Embassy of Denmark
        • WCDR Peter Cluff, Director, FMS, Embassy of Australia (Confirmed)

4.40 p.m. Model Programs

        • SEASPARROW | CAPT. Paul S. Rouffaer, RNLN, Deputy Project Manager, (mil.) NATO Sea Sparrow (Confirmed)

5.30 p.m. Achieving Exporting Success – Top Priorities

        • Frank Cevasco, President, Cevasco International, LLC (Confirmed)

Industry Panel from:-

        • John Hager, Consultant, Munitions Industrial Base Task Force (Confirmed)
        • Toby Roth, American League for Exports and Security Assistance (Confirmed)

5.50 p.m. The Way Forward – Key Focus Areas

        • Dr. Jennifer E. Stewart, Director General Def. Procurement, Embassy of Canada (Confirmed)
        • Ronald E. Genemans, Def. Cooperation Attache, Embassy of the Netherlands. (Confirmed)

6:00p.m. Reception