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Authors of “Future Cities,” Dr. Indu Singh, Christine Robinson, Dr. Joseph Pelton

Authors Dr. Indu Singh, Christine Robinson, and Dr. Joe Pelton would like to welcome you to Arlington, Virginia, where we live, work, or both, to participate in the Smart Security 2010 conference. The inspiration for this conference, the “Common Defense Quarterly” featured an article Christine wrote entitled “Arlington Secured,” which showcased Arlington as a U.S. and world leader in emergency preparedness and disaster recovery. Arlington represents a prime example of a local jurisdiction that must juggle local, state, federal, and international complexity that is truly the “nexus between homeland security and defense,” which is what the Smart Security 2010 conference is all about.

We hope that you enjoy your complimentary copy of the book we wrote together named “Future Cities, Designing Better, Smarter, More Sustainable and Secure Cities”, a gift from Christine's co-author of the soon-to-publish paper named “Transforming Security through Enterprise Architecture and BPM (which stands for business process management)” and the think-tank, the Intelligent Community Forum. Our thought-provoking book describes how futurists, urban experts, and systems architects envision that future cities will impact the planet from climate change, public safety, security, energy use, transportation and other perspectives.

Arlington competed with over 450 communities in this year’s global competition to win the 2010 Intelligent Community Award. The nomination recognizes Arlington’s high quality of life, e-government services, broadband access, career opportunities, and extremely educated population. Arlington’s innovation and leadership in emergency preparedness and disaster recovery comprised an important facet of the award nomination. The Intelligent Community Forum will name the winner in May, immediately before the Smart Security conference. Stockholm won the award last year.

We look forward to meeting you at the Smart Security 2010 conference.


Dr. Indu Singh, Christine Robinson, Dr. Joseph Pelton