Smart Security 2010

Towards Seamless Interoperability and Trust




Maryland DBED




Chrisine Robinson & Associates LLC



Common Defense Quarterly


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DAY ONE | May 24, 2010

0815-0830 Welcome

  • Congressman Jim Moran (Confirmed)

0830-0900 Multi-Agency Collaboration; Beyond 9/11 at the Pentagon

  • Jim Schwartz, Fire Chief, Arlington County (Confirmed)

Introduced by Mary Hynes, Arlington County Board (Confirmed)

0900-0915 BREAK

0915-1015 Securing the Nation

  • Todd Keil, Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, U.S. DHS  (Confirmed)
  • Prof. Adam Ogilvie-Smith, Office for Security & Counter Terrorism, Home Office, UK (Confirmed)

1015-1045 Opportunities for the Private Sector

  • Dr. Thomas Cellucci, Chief Commercialization Officer, Science & Technology Directorate, DHS (Confirmed)

1045- 1115 The Technology of Terror

  • Aaron B. Fuller III, President, Enforcement, Security & Intelligence, N.American Public Sector, CSC (Confirmed)

1115-1230 Moving to a Seamless Resilient Architecture

  • Don Kent, VP of Government Relations, Navigators Global LLC (Confirmed)
  • Jenny Menna, Critical Infrastructure Cyber Protection & Awareness & Global Cyber Security, DHS (Confirmed)
  • L. Russell Records, Chief Technology Officer, CENR, CSC (Confirmed)
Moderated by: Sam Visner, VP, Strategy and Bus. Dev., Enforcement, Sec. and Intel. Division, CSC (Confirmed)

1230-1400 Luncheon: Keynote: Technology – Leading the Way toward a Secure Future

  • Christine Wormuth, Principal Dep. Asst Sec for Homeland Defense DoD (Confirmed)

Introduced by Vance Renfroe, President, Renfroe Associates International (Confirmed)

1400-1430 Securing the Nation

  • Maj.Gen. Kathleen Fick, Director of Intelligence, National Guard Bureau

Introduced by Vance Renfroe, President, Renfroe Associates International (Confirmed)

1430-1500 Population Resiliency

  • Dr. Brian Kamoie, Senior Director for Preparedness Policy, National Security Staff, The White House (Confirmed)
Introduced by Christine F. Robinson, Principal, Christine Robinson & Associates (Confirmed)

1500-1615 Enabling Technology from Government Labs

  • Dr. Mark S. Maurice, Manager, International Programs, Air Force Research Laboratory (Confirmed)
  • Dr. Starnes E. Walker,  Director of Research, Science & Technology Directorate, DHS (Confirmed)

1615-1700 People Centric Security – The Human Sciences

  • David E.A. Johnson, Executive Director, CADS (Confirmed)
    Rafi Sela, President, AR Challenges, Israel, United States & Canada (Confirmed)

1700-1830 Reception

DAY TWO | May 25, 2010

0800-0830 Keynote

  • Dennis Wisnosky, Chief Technical Officer & Chief Architect of Business Mission Area, OSD, DCMO (Confirmed)

0830-0900 Experiences from outside the United States

  • MGEN Gabriele Salvestroni, Def. & Def. Cooperation Attache, Embassy of Italy, Washington DC (Confirmed)

0900-0930 Harnessing Government & Commercial Expertise

  • Jan Wiberg, Director, Portfolio Management, Products, SAAB Security (Confirmed)

Moderator: Rosemary Budd, President, Ft. Meade Alliance (Confirmed)

0930-1000 Technology Drivers for Future Programs

  • David Shepherd, Program Manager, Threat Vectors Analysis, DHS (Confirmed)
  • Stephen Swain, CEO, Security Innovation & Technology Consortium, Shrivenham, UK (Confirmed)

Moderator: Rosemary Budd, President, Ft. Meade Alliance (Confirmed)

1000-1030 Federated Identity

  • Daniel E. Turissini, Co-Founder, Operational Research Consultants, Inc.(Confirmed)

Moderator: Rosemary Budd, President, Ft. Meade Alliance (Confirmed)

1030-1045 BREAK

1045-1215 Developing the Toolsets for Interoperability

  • Pisey Frederick, NTAC Fellow for National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) (Confirmed)
  • John Osterholz, VP, Cyber Warfare & Cyber Security, BAE Systems (Confirmed)
  • Riley Repko, Senior Advisor, Cyber Operations & Transformation for Air Force (Confirmed)

Moderator: Nathaniel Palmer, Chief BPM Strategist, SRA International, Inc. (Confirmed)

1230-1400 LUNCH – Cyber Security in the Air Force

  • LTGEN. William T. Lord, USAF, Chief of Warfighting Integration and Chief Information Officer, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force (Confirmed)

1400-1500 Industry User Perspectives

  • INDUSTRY: Terry Morgan, Chairman, Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (Confirmed)
  • SECURITY: Peter Varnish, OBE, Geopolitical Solutions Ltd (Confirmed)

1500-1600 CASE STUDY: Protection of the Airspace

  • Patricia Craighill, Assistant Director, NEXTGEN JPDO & Special advisor to the SAF/XC (Confirmed)
  • William Oliver, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Office of Air & Marine, DHS (Confirmed)

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