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CSC is a global leader in providing technology-enabled solutions and services through three primary lines of business. These include Business Solutions and Services, the Managed Services Sector and the North American Public Sector.   Our Public Sector comprehensive service offerings include information technology, business operations, and engineering solutions.  

Saab is one of the world’s leading high-technology companies, with its main operations in defense, aviation and civil security. Its presence and operations in the United States is significant. For decades, american forces have depended on the quality and effectiveness of Saab manufactured support- and anti-armor weapons, such as the Carl-Gustaf and AT4.

Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development promotes Maryland as the premier “Global Gateway” for foreign businesses seeking to enter the U.S. market, and assists Maryland companies in introducing their products and services to international markets.

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is here to welcome the opportunities and challenges that globalisation offers - and to rise to them. We do this by working to support UK-based businesses to hunt out and seize opportunities overseas. We also encourage the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice.

Founded in 1991, ORC has assembled an organization of experienced and dedicated professionals focused on disciplined systems engineering principles to deliver often challenging and complex solutions to customer requirements within disparate operational environments. Having established a reputation for taking the hypothetical to the operational, ORC has been engaged across the government and industry to meet requirements for secure electronic transactions. As the Information Assurance (IA) industry matures, ORC continues to be in the forefront of technological solutions.

Christine Robinson & Associates provides strategy, architecture, and security for industry and government clients wishing to protect and streamline their domestic and international operations, ranging from small and medium initiatives up to some of the world’s largest. Numerous international publications feature the company’s approach to enterprise architecture, business process management, and security. A woman-owned small business, the firm’s partnerships and business relationships range from small disadvantaged firms to the world’s largest system integrators.

The Intelligent Community Forum is a think tank that studies the economic and social development of the 21st Century community.  Communities everywhere are challenged to create prosperity, stability and cultural meaning in a world where jobs, investment and progress increasingly depend on advances in communications.  ICF seeks to share the best practices of the world's Intelligent Communities in adapting to the demands of the Broadband Economy by conducting research, hosting events, publishing and producing an international awards program.

Founded in 1993, the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) is a global organization of adopters, developers, consultants, analysts, as well as university and research groups engaged in workflow and BPM.  The WfMC creates and contributes to process related standards, educates the market on related issues, and is the only standards organization that concentrates purely on process.  The WfMC created Wf-XML and XPDL, the leading process definition language used today in over 80 known solutions to store and exchange process models. XPDL is a process design format for storing the visual diagram and all design time attributes.product attributes.

The Center for Advanced Defense Studies (CADS) researches, educates, and implements intent-driven approaches worldwide to promote global security.  A non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Washington DC, CADS emp;owers experts from government, military, academia and the private sector who are committed to solving the security problems of today and examining the defense issues of tomorrow.